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My name is Jim Meyer. Iím 27 and I live in Aalborg, Denmark.

I work for a small but innovative software company that has focused on people, what they pay attention to and how they communicate since the beginning of 2001. I head up the ďuser experienceĒ division which basically means Iím involved in the entire product development process, including conceptual design, user interface design and client-side implementation.


About usingattention.com

usingattention.com is a blog about how technology is changing the way people live their lives, specifically focusing on:

  • attention data, recommendation systems and privacy
  • web 2.0, identity, folksonomies, the long tail, tagging and social software
  • designing for users and their user experience


This is a personal weblog which is written by me alone. The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer.

As any open minded individual will tell you, a person’s thoughts and opinions usually change over time. Although this blog provides a snapshot of my thoughts and opinions at a certain time, those expressed in older or out-of-date posts may not be similar to or reflect those I hold today.



If you have questions, comments or something else you thought I should know about, feel free to use the contact form below. See something on this site that doesn’t look quite right in your browser? Let me know so I can fix it.