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The everyday hero of attention data

This story is about something that most of us use on a daily basis and have come to take for granted: Autocomplete. Autocomplete is the younger and cuter version of command line completion, which started life as a tool for speeding up the shell in the Berkeley Timesharing system. Command line completion, now in a improved and less aggressive version, then found its way into Tenex operating system, and was later adopted for use in the Unix systems that are widespread today.

Autocomplete as we know it today eventually found its way to almost anyone who uses a computer by appearing in web browsers, email clients and the shell of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

What’s interesting about autocomplete is that by trying to solve the problem of effectively getting valid input from the user, it became one of the first examples of using attention data to help the user. Read the rest of this entry »

Life after social bookmarking

Social bookmarking, one of the most talked about and crowded web 2.0 spaces, has transformed the way people save, share and discover bookmarks on the web., owned by Yahoo and one of the best known social bookmarking sites, recently had a blog post about achieving 1 million users after 3 years of service. Although this is no small feat, Myspace has managed to attract 100 million users in roughly the same timeframe. So, what’s holding back widespread adoption of social bookmarking services?

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