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What’s next for RSS?

Wednesday September 13th, 2006 in , , , , ,

There’s no doubt that RSS has had a significant impact on how people access and discover information on the web. But to most people the experience has been bittersweet. Sweet because we no longer have to visit sites that haven’t been updated with new content since our last visit. It helps us save time, and for a while it seemed a small yet noticeable step in the right direction for fighting the information overload most of us face every day.

As time passed, more and more websites proclaimed “we have a feed, add it!”, and so we did, thinking that this feed might be the one we couldn’t live without. There was something alluring about the promise of always staying informed and ahead of the game - we couldn’t help it and just had to click the shiny RSS button. Soon, the list of feeds had outgrown the height of the screen, spanning numerous categories. The once so comforting “3 unread items” had been replaced by numbers in the three digit range. RSS suddenly made it all too clear that we will never be able to read and comprehend all the content out there.

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